Unique Restaurant Design decorated with Wooden Furniture

The unique restaurant design can be seen at the Ikibana Restaurant which is located in Brazil looks amazing. This restaurant is designed by El Equipo Creativo. The size of this restaurant looks larger. This restaurant is available with the round chair located in the middle of the room. The minimalist chairs and red tables are also used in this restaurant. This furniture is located at the edge of the room.

Rounded Seat Design of this Restaurant Makes the Wonderful Atmosphere that will be Suitable for Gathering Activity Inside the Restaurant

The unique restaurant design ideas also can be looked at the second picture. The room is decorated with the fascinating wooden construction. The design of the wooden construction looks unique and also stylish. The shape of the wooden construction is long and large. This room is also decorated with the glass walls design. It makes the room of this restaurant looks elegant. The wooden construction attached on the white window and ceiling makes the room looks unique. The detail of this decoration can be looked at the third picture.

The room of this restaurant is decorated with the track lamps which are attached on the black ceiling. The using of the track lamps make the room of this restaurant becomes bright. This restaurant is also decorated with the U shape table bar. The table bar is made of wooden material colored in dark brown. The unique ornaments are also used to decorate this restaurant. These ornaments are hanging on the ceiling above the table bar. The area at the fifth picture is also decorated with the glass wall design and some plants.

High Quality Wood Materials of the Ikibana Restaurant Interior Decoration Idea which is Designed Well with the Fantastic Decoration

At the sixth picture, we can see that the room of this restaurant looks unique and also beautiful. The wooden furniture applied in this restaurant makes the room of this restaurant looks elegant. The unique interior design ideas can be your inspiration to build the unique restaurant to make the guest become enjoy and happy.

Amazing and Wonderful Wooden Details of this Restaurant Makes the Interior Looks more Fantastic Because of the Stunning Idea of the Creative Idea

Amazing Details of the Lovely Interior from the Restaurant Makes People Feel so Attracted with the Stunning Decoration Design of the Restaurant

Chic Small Table Design with the Rounded Color Table as the Coffee Time Table to be Applied Inside the Cafe Restaurant

Creative Decoration with the Hanging Details Which Comes with the Aesthetic Decoration Idea in Designing this Restaurant Design

Fascinating Idea of the Amazing Fusion of Culture Design that is Completed with the Artistic Ceiling Shape which Enhances the House Design Idea

Modern Curtain Design with the Great Details in the Fabric Idea to make the Appearance from the Restaurant Looks so Beautiful

Modern Interior Decoration with the Perfect Stainless Steel Materials of the Restaurant Interior Decoration Design Idea

Nice Place for Relaxing Gorgeous Environment inside the Restaurant Idea is going to Make People Feel so Attracted

Spacious Design of the Ikibana Restaurant Ambience with the Wooden Extensive Elements that will Enhance the Interior Decoration Design

Stylish Ambience Design inside this House Applying the Unique Ceiling Design which Perfectly Blends with the Interior Idea

Wooden Landscape Hysteria with the High Quality Wood Design which is Applied in this Restaurant Design Looks so Fancy

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