Unusual Bathroom Named The Bathroom Bubble

Have you ever thought of some unusual bathroom? Whatever it is, you should just read this very article. Not just unusual, here we show you some fascinating bathroom design named The Bathroom Bubble. This is a great slap which can make you thrilled. Some quite unusual but very exciting design of a bathroom is discussed in this passage. So, just check everything out.

Attractive Interior Used in Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with White Sink and Wooden Cabinet near Shower Space

Well, the first picture shows you the appearance of the sensational bathroom from the right side. You see that the bathroom is outdoor with bubble shape. There is some transparent corridor to send you into the bathroom. You know, it seems that you can enjoy your time inside with some cozy seat inside. Some outdoor lights are available nearby. Next, the second picture shows you some closer angle to see the bathroom. There are some photos stuck on the transparent wall of the room. Some dark bathtub seems available inside. See also unusual bathroom designs.

Now, just see the third image. It is another look of the unique bathroom. Entering the door of the bathroom, you should pass through the transparent corridor. You should feel excited when firstly entering such bathroom. Well, just move to the following picture. It is about some area nearby. On this outdoor area, you can just enjoy your showering time with such outdoor shower.

Awesome Dark Tub Placed beside Unique Dark Lamp inside the Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with Transparent Wall

Well, the fifth picture shows you the interior atmosphere of the bathroom. You see that you can just relish the sunlight. You see some wooden cabinet is available with two white glasses. There is some cow leather rug existing covering the area with the cabinet and some white object. In the sixth picture, you see some area nearby with some nice road lamp. There is a red cloth covering some part of the lamp. There is some white object you can just notice to see what it really is. Find also unusual bathroom design furthermore.

Bright Lamp Brighten the Bathroom Bubble Urbannature Toilet Space with Red Curtain on the Wide Roof Terrace

Contemporary Outdoor Shower Space Located outside Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with Green Yard and the Glossy Shower

Fascinating Bathroom Bubble Urbannature View Completed with Transparent Wall and Cozy Chair Located on Wide Roof Space

Interesting Glossy Faucet and White Sink Placed inside Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with Transparent Wall near City View

Modern White Sink and Wooden Dresser Placed on Wide Rug inside Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with Transparent Wall

Small Round Mirror Located on the Wooden Dresser inside Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with the Transparent Wall

Stunning Details in the Bathroom Bubble Urbannature Completed with Transparent Wall and Wide Shower Space beside it

Wonderful Interior Used in Bathroom Bubble Urbannature with White Sink and Cozy Chair Seen from the Transparent Room

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