Updated Office in Uplifting Design

This sophisticated updated office is Google’s office located in Dublin. This biggest corporation in the world has the fabulous office design. Contemporary concept is applied in this office structure. The office exterior is in sleek design but it has ultramodern style. Black is the color applied as exterior color theme. Glass materials are applied as the major structural elements in this exterior design. This office is in clean shape and lines. Practicality is the main characteristic of this modern office.

Captivating Huge Badging in Blue and Red Creatively Completed with Seat for Extra Sitting to Work

This updated office design has wonderful exterior. Google’s brand with its bright color is placed as the focal point in the first floor. The alphabets are structured in massive size. They are not only alphabets but they also have function. Every alphabet is used as the comfortable seating. Besides of the stylish look, this idea is also functional and surprising. The white interior flooring makes these bright colorful alphabets looks more wonderful.

The cafeteria is in retro style. Hot colors are applied making this cafeteria interior looks playful and colorful. The receptionist desk is in futuristic style with light blue color with silver colored surface. The ceiling above this receptionist desk is in yellow color. The dining table is in Scandinavian furniture style is in colorful accent. Grey flooring emerges the colorful elements in this interior design. Wall decals displaying foods and drinks painting are designed in bright colorful form. Large glass windows make this room looks brighter. Natural light comes inside this cafeteria. They also display the outdoor views to those who are enjoying meals there.

High Ceiling Design for Colorful Huge Badging with Seating and Lighting Offering Extra Space for Gathering

The cubicles walls are also in playful colors. One cubicle wall is in bright yellow color. The flooring is also in similar color to the wall. The other ones are in green. The lobby has luxurious style. It is furnished with ultramodern furniture in neutral color. Decorative elements are also applied there beautifying the interior look.Playful updated office is mostly implemented to perform the extraordinary office design especially in contemporary or ultramodern concept.

Alluring Ultramodern Office Google Design in Colorful Touches of Furnishing and Industrial Rendering Displayed for Cabins

Amazing Integration of Bold Industrial Accent with Refreshing Green Coloring Scheme for Refreshing Ambiance for Comfy Work

Appealing Green Couch for Extra Lazy Seating to Match with Yellow Interior with Freshness Green Employed

Astonishing Decoration with Spider and Net above White Computer Desk Represented by Google Office Design and Decor

Astounding Industrial Rendering for the Ceiling with Exposed Pipes to Match with Stained Flooring and Wooden Furnishing

Awesome Google Interior Design in Natural Concept with Decorated Ceiling and Wall Furnished with Wooden Furniture

Awesome Google Office Cabin with Unique Green Dividers for Private Chatting Zone with Egg Chairs and Stylish Table

Beautiful Coloring Scheme in Combination of White with Yellow Accents to Work for Google Office Interior with Grey Flooring

Beautiful Google Office Interior Design with Wall and Floor Mural Decoration to Work with Floating Wide Desk for Meeting

Breathtaking Google Office Cabin Design in Yellow Ceiling to Match with Blue Finished Island and Accent White Dining Space

Casual Style Working Space of Google Office Finished in Open Design for Team Work and Collaboration

Colorful Touches for Google Office Interior Design with Stylish Seating Units and Rounded White Tables to Match with Decorative Chandeliers

Comfy Google Office Dublin Completed with Colorful Interior Design with Extra Sitting Where to Spend Resting Time

Comfy Open Style Dining Space of Google Office Dublin with Black and White Coloring Scheme of Furnishing and Painting

Comfy Work Space Supported by Playful Decorative Touches on Wall with Greens and Wooden Slats Applied on Purple Wall

Cozy Library of Google Office Designed in Classic Rendering with Arch Architecture and Carved Pillars with Displayed Statues

Cozy Sitting Areas for Meeting and Chatting in Black and Green Combination to Work with Black and White Interior Design

Dramatic Touch for Google Office Interior Design with Red Wall to Wall Carpet and Plenty of Chandelier with Red Patterned Shades

Dramatic Touches with Red Seating Units and High Curtains Working for Stylish Google Office Dublin Interior for Cabin

Elegant Interior Design of Google Office with Wall to Wall Patterned Carpet and Sophisticated Mural on Wall

Elegant Touch of Google Office Interior Design with Long Patterned Carpet for Hallway Connecting Work and Living Spaces

Excellent Google Office Cabin Design Completed with Wall Mount TV and Billiard Court Accentuated by Black Chandeliers

Excellent Transparency for Google Office Architecture Design with Glass for Walling and Colorful Touches for Interior

Exemplary Google Interior Design in Bold Yellow Touch to Match with Wooden Furniture Completed with Decorative Pendant Lamps Installed

Fascinating Neutral Tones Interior Design for Google Office with Wooden Hallway Completed with Dining in Bee Home Like Design

Geometrical Shaped Google Office Cabin Furniture in Black and Blue Coloring Scheme Featured with Serene Pendant Lamps

Gorgeous Google Office Cabin Furnished with Open Bookcase for Divider Separating Some Sitting Areas with Stylish Seating and Table

Gorgeous White Gathering Spot of Google Office with Curved Sectional Sofa and Extra Ottomans Offering the Answer of Where to Share

Great Google Office Interior Design with Exposed Natural Tones with Artificial Forest Showcased by Accent Ceiling Lamps Added above

Huge Yellow and Green Cushions for Extra Sitting and Leaning toward Transparent Glass Windows with Blind Presenting Outside View

Imposing Google Office Interior Design with Sophisticated Patterns Displayed on Floor and Wall for Attractive Decor

Impressive Google Office Dublin Interior Design with Colorful Touches Representing Google Character with Cozy Sitting Areas

Inspiring Google Office Dublin Interior with Perfect LED Lighting for Sustainable Purpose Accentuating Colorful Furniture Employed

Inspiring Natural Touches for Google Interior Decor with Unpredictable Fish on Carpet and Greens on Wall

Interesting Google Office Cabin Decoration with Stone Like Flooring and Walling to Meet Black and White Seating with Luxury Chandelier above

Mesmerizing Google Office Architecture Design with Glass Wall Design for Transparency and Beautiful Outside View Presentation

Open and Hidden Dining with Wooden Table and Dramatic Orange and Red Seating Units for Chatting during Break Time

Open Style Furnishing with White Desk and Shelving Connecting Workers to Each other for Some Sharing and Correction

Perfect Library with Dark Touch for Calm and Quiet Sense Furnished with Open Style Bookcases in Style and Plenty of Sitting Areas

Perfect Natural Themed Interior Design for Google Office with Green Accents of Ceiling and Wall to Combine with Blue Furniture Set

Playful and Casual Style Design of Google Office Dining Completed with Billiard Court Surrounded by Seating Units

Playful Touch for Google Office Cabine Surprisingly Furnished with Hanging Chairs for Relaxing Nuance

Private Dining and Chatting Space behind the Working Area Featured with Patterned Chairs and Simple Modern Rectangular Table

Tranquil Sense of Office Interior Design with Patterned Wall and Floor in Grey Touch to Combine with Yellow Ceiling with Ambient Lighting

Stylish Google Office with Music Studio Concept Desing Where the Workers Refresh Their Minds and Gather

Stunning Google Office Presentation Room with Built in U Shaped Wooden Seating in Multilevel Style Design with Cushions

Stunning Colors Combination of White and Yellow for Captivating Interior of Google Office with Plenty of Freshness Greens Added

Simple but Interesting Glass Fencing for Second Floor Hallway Presenting Modernity with Transparency of Google Office Interior

Serene Meeting Room of Google Office with Perfect Wallpaper and Pink Carpet to Work with Pure White Furnishing

Relaxing Presentation Room in Casual Design Featured with Multilevel Green Seating Units and Wooden Board to Mount TV

Refreshing Nuance of Google Office Dining in Tropical Rendering with Flowers and Fruit Employed for Decoration to Work with Colorful Interior

Red Interior Design of Google Offic Cabin with Red Sof and Armchairs Decorated with Stunning Pendant Lamps above

Tropical Style Design of Google Office Cabins with Lush Vegetation Added Surrounding Meeting Room with Sofa and Wooden Table

Unquestionable Red and White Interior Design for Kitchen and Dining Spot Featured with Wide View Windows Presenting Great Sight

Well Arranged Google Office in Parallel Floor Plan Design for Long Wooden Computer Desks Accompanied with Modern Stylish Chairs

Wonderful Liquid Rendering for Google Office Dining in Sophisticated Blue Touches of Walling Ceiling and Furnishing

Unpredictable Striped Lining in Colorful Touch for Google Office Interior Design to Match with Grey Flooring and Glass Walling

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