Villa Design with Contemporary Design to Make You Contented

Nowadays some people tend to have a modern villa with traditional layout villa design. The combination between them makes a unique appearance but still brings cozy feeling in a contemporary design. A contemporary villa which is located in Almere, Netherlands beautifully shows that features. This is a two story villa that was built by 70F Architecture studio in 2009. The villa was successfully completed under The Villa Hendrikx project.

Cube Shaped Stone Chimney also Square Windows Made from Glass Panel

Traditional layout can be seen on its exterior design that has brick walls consist of white and grey brick that fits with the color of the wooden windows frame and doors frame made from mahogany. The building shaped like a letter U. In the middle of the building, there is a pool that looks like a natural pond surrounded by piles of stones and gravel. Some shrubs and grass also have an opportunity to fill the surrounding pool. The green color of the shrubs and grass give an attractive natural color to the greyish color scheme of the villa exterior design.

Since it was built in the shape of letter, the building comes in three main compartments. The first compartment is a two story building. It faces the pool with the villa facade that consist of glazed walls and doors with wooden frame. The upper level also has a row of windows in wooden frame. The second compartment link the two others compartments. This linking compartment also has glazed walls, even on its two sides. But the door used is a wooden door, not a glazed door. The last compartment is a one-story building with a glazed wall faces the pool employed in it.

Glass Panel also Grey Entrance Floor Made from Concrete Blocks

The inside look of thee villa filled with white walls that become so bright due to the amount of glass elements on this villa. The glass elements are combined with the wooden element to create a warm atmosphere. The wooden element can be seen in its kitchen set with wooden storage, and in its bathroom with wooden vanity desk. All of those elements make the villa interior design and the modern villa exterior design make you become more contented.

Black Floor Made from Concrete Blocks also White Concrete Bathtub

Concrete Floor also White Ceiling Made from Concrete

Grey Colored Floor Made from Concrete Blocks also White Classic Piano

Grey Floor which is Made from Concrete also Little Yellow Bird Decoration

Grey Wall Made from Concrete Blocks also Several Green Plants Garden

Light Brown Door Made from Wooden Material

Soft Grey Concrete Floor also Wide Windows Made from Glass Panels

Stepping Stone Made from Concrete Blocks also Colorful Flower on the Garden

Tall Grey Colored Chimney Made from Concrete Blocks

White Floor Made from Concrete also Dark Brown Wooden Wall

White Floor Made from Wooden Material also Several Dark Windows

White Wall Made from Concrete Blocks also Horizontal Shape of Rooftop

White Wall which is Made from Concrete Blocks also Several Wide Glass Windows

Wide Pond near Green Colored Water also Several Wild Plants

Wide Windows Made from Glass Panel which Has Light Brown Wooden Frame

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