Wall Lamp Design as Unique Contemporary Lighting with Artistic Shades

Prepare your own unique contemporary lighting with wall lamp design to complete the appearances of your contemporary dining room. Do not forget to apply the lighting well to less the messy looks and uncomfortable feelings. A Belgian studio named Passion 4 Wood lately had succeed in making a new masterpiece of lighting shades from wooden materials. The masterpieces they made are been put inside a restaurant, and they call it as one when light meets wood” project.

Accessories feat Nice Roortop Fremed that Paint Wall Add Creative the Room

Take a look at the first picture of the stylish wall lamp design. It hangs on the black ceiling within its unique lighting shades shape that made from woods. The shade has 6 curved symmetrical sides, with a bigger midline of the body. Thin woods that applied make the soft lights burst through its surface. If you see the second picture of the restaurant, no wonder if the restaurant applies some unique lamps like this. The area itself has artistic decorations on the wall and ceiling, including the circle lamps that shot their lights towards the ceiling. Don’t you think this place has great contemporary lighting ideas?

If you see the next picture, you will see the effects given by the first lamp that we see before. The lights that been exuded through the shades will make a floral motif on the ceiling. More lamps been installed it means more floral lights that you will have in your room. Imagine your dining room has this kind of decoration, don’t you want it? Like in the fourth kitchen, you should know also that this kind of lighting will fit into a dark room. This will help the lights been shown better as the reflection. In the picture, you can see that whole of the dining area is painted in black. Simple and elegant.

Appliances feat Paint Wall and Wooden Table that Full Up by Cutlery Furnishing the Area

Besides those floral lights, see a water drop wooden lamp design in the fifth picture. The surface is not flat and sleek, but wavy and shining because of the lighting. This lamp will be perfect to be arranged together on your ceiling. If you want a wall lamp, see the last picture given below. The lamps that are stuck on the stony wall have seashell shades with lamps inside. And do not worry, because the materials are woods and the design is simple, it will fit into any themes of your dining room. Enjoy the contemporary lighting design ideas which apply the wall lamp design in pictures!

Accessories in Orange Color that Add Beauty in thes

Appliances in Pendant Lamp Decor that Completed the Interiors

Bright the Area and Used Nice Pattern for the Decor

Black and Orange Color that Make Perfect the Interiors

Cream Wall Framed that Givign Bright the Interior Area

Green Rugs that Showing Kind of Pendant Lampss

Fancy Wooden Light Appliances that Make Stylish the Decoration

Lamps that Piant Wall Add Creative the Interiors and Inspiring Our Decor

Made from Woods Decor that Giving Beauty Light in the Area

Made From Woods in Kitcehn Room with Furniture Completed the Area

Made Woods Materials Used Orange Color that Inspiring Our Decor

Orange Color and Curve Pattern that Illuminate the Room Decor

Table Cloth and Cutlery Set Under Pendant Lamp and Fire Place Decor

Tables Under Pendant Lamps which Givign Bright the Interior

Unique Wooden Appliances that Pendant Lamps Giving Bright the Interiors

Wooden Light Appliances Which Giving Bright the Restaurants

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