Warm Interior Design from a Modern Home with Dim Lighting

Itatiba Residence is a nice and contemporary house with a warm interior design inside. The creator was Roccovidal P+W. created in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this living space is surrounded by a very huge green lawn around. Even though it is detached from urban living, you don’t need to be worry. Because all of the comfortable setting here offers you an immortal happiness. Let’s walk around.

Appealing Bedroom with View in Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Applied Wooden Floor also Open Window Appearing Scenery

See the contemporary exterior design of the building. It blends modernity with the nature completely. The building has a geometrical shape, given by a combination between concrete, woods, and stones. On the back yard, you can see a very huge swimming pool is created too. With some beach lounges on the poolside, surely this area will spoil your free times perfectly. Now, go inside the house to check out the warm interior design ideas.

A warm dining room with wooden furniture domination greets you here. A generous wooden dining table stands on the floor as the main center of the room. It is completed by some wooden dining chairs with pads to support your comfort too. The hanging pendants are unique, they have wooden conical light shades to create a beautiful effect of lights. Transparent walls that you can see here are easy to be seen also in the living room. A black contemporary sofa is there for you, with a modern wooden coffee table for the last touch. Huge storage on the wall is no less pretty to help you keep your items tidily.

Astonishing Living Room in Itatiba Residence Roccovidal with Glass Coffee Table and Woodframe Chairs also Grey Sofa

Last is the warm and minimalist bedroom of the house. A double sized bed is available for you. It is covered by a brown and patterned duvet to exude more warmth. A brown rug lies on the wooden floor, with a simple wooden cabinet across the bed completes its appearance. What you can enjoy here is the greatest natural scenery of the outside. You can see it through the huge open wall of the room. Enjoy your time within these interior design ideas warm and cozy and make yourself happy!

Beautiful Backyard with Green Lawn and Pool Area at Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Decorated with Loungers on Concrete Deck

Exciting House Floor Plan of Itatiba Residence Roccovidal with Scale Displayed Living Room on the Corner and Kitchen on Center

Exquisite Living Room with Woodframe Chairs and Glass Coffee Table at Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Modern Bookshelf

Fabulous Pool Area at Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Backyard with Concrete Liner Decorated White Loungers in Row

Fancy Wooden Stools at Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Open Kitchen with Exposed Stone Wall and Granite Countertop

Fascinating House Elevation Plan with Scale of Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Two Levels Floor with Small on Second

Modern Landscape Garden at Outside Itatiba Residence Roccovidal with Green Lawn Shown also Open Space Gym Room

Sleek Open Floor Living and Dining Area Design in Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Open Space to Terrace Applied Granite Floor

Small Trees on GRavels at Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Garden Open Space to Kitchen Applied Wood Stools and Stone Wall

Stunning House Floor Plan with Scale of Itatiba Residence Roccovidal Shown Open Floor Living and Dining Room Ideas

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