Wedding Favor Design for Giving Great Memories to Guests

Going to wedding ceremony means lots of presents and happy time. Presents are for newlyweds, whereas wedding favor is to give to guests. Some couples want to save money and make on their own. But most of them actually fill order to any wedding favor makers. For more customized items, just re-decorate or add some details on those things. Let’s see examples below.

Amusing Honey Granola Edible Wedding Favor Ideas Design with White Colored Wooden Shelf and Honey Jar Inside

4 letters making up a word from Scrabble magnet game would look creative and innovative. For nature lovers, wedding favor ideas would include natural plants. Just like in this fresh succulent placed inside small container. Do not forget to make it personalized by adding tag card on each pot. What about instant drink? For example, bags of tea, jars of honey and etc. people can think of.

Instead of bags of tea, perhaps coffee beans look more luxurious and glamorous yet it is simple and great idea. Add personal message for perfect decoration details. Choose out-of-the-box idea to impress guests, for instance by using matchboxes. On its cover, put good message or something funny jokes then. Offer type of sweet gift like this cheesecake in a jar to make their day.

Sometimes gifts need to be useful, even for daily life. Therefore, try considering wooden coasters that actually can be created by one’s own. This is the same with customizing small bottle, jar, or container to put gifts inside. Another edible gift idea is from lavender honey placed inside mini jar and covered by white cloth. Show couple’s enormous love from brown bag and add lovely words on cover area.

Excellent Desert Design of Lemon Cake which is Placed on Black Colored Paper and White Table which is Made from Wood

Vanilla sugar may be an outstanding idea, yet should also be balanced with attractive package for making great present idea. Make personalized wedding favors for special guests. These can be homemade lemon bread that decorated beautifully, or potted herb grown by owner.

Amazing Scrabel Wedding Favour which is Made from Light Brown Colored Wooden Door which has Several Cream Scrabble Decors

Astonishing Diy Favors Wooden Coasters Design with White Colored Cloth Cover and Soft Brown Bread with Brown Roast Side

Astounding Room Space Design with Light Brown Colored Floor Carpet and Soft Cream Colored Diy Wedding Coffee Favors

Awesome Room Space Design with Soft Cream Colored Concrete Wall paper and Three Glass Chemical Tubes Wall Decor

Breathtaking Succelent Wedding Favors Diy Design which is Placed on Silver Colored Stainless Glass with Several Green Plants

Captivating Room Space Design with Several Red Colored Tulip which is Made from Soft Cream Colored Paper Bags

Brilliant Orange Vodka Design with Silver Colored Cover which is Made from Metallic Material and Transparent Glass

Cool Dining Space Design with White Colored Marble Plate and Cake Slice Boxes For Guest Favors which is Made from Chocolate

Enchanting Room Space Design with Soft Grey Colored Floor Carpet and Black White Stripes of Coasters Wrapped with Cream Ropes

Fabulous Diy Soy Ecofriendly Weddingfavors Design Placed on White Colored Marble Glass and Soft Brown Wooden Table

Gorgeous Room Space Design with Diy Favor Contest Tin Can Plants Placed on Several Silver Colored Cans which are Made from Metallic Material

Fascinating Room Space Design with Several Glass Jars which Has Soft Cream Shaped Butter Cookies with White Flour Surface

Interesting Room Space Design with Several Cherry Wedding Favors which is Placed on Soft Cream Colored Paper Bags

Impressive Rings Design which is Placed on White Colored Wooden Table and Several Silver Colored Rings which is Made from Metal

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