White Bed Sheets for Luxurious Bungalow Design

You must see this bungalow design! It has fantastic architecture, modern white bed sheets and stunning beach view which are ready to amaze you. The facilities which are available in this fancy resort are also great for your relaxation. Do you want to know about this resort? Read this complete article to find interesting facts about this stunning place.

Bright Wall Framed that Sofas Facing Glass Tables

This luxurious bungalow is dominated with white color. It also has large glass wall which faces to the beach panorama. What a perfect bungalow design plans which apply the white bed sheets! You can find the living room which is set in the middle of the room. It has cozy white couches which area combined with two white armchairs and also glass rectangle coffee table. This space looks very comfortable because straightly faces to the beach panorama. You also can see cozy dining space in the left of the living room. It has white dining table which is matched with eight blue chairs. It can be the perfect place to have a dining time for you.

The design of the bedroom also looks amazing. The entire of the room has white as the main color. It has white bed in the middle of the room. In the left side of it, big glass wall is available that offers beach view. What a wonderful design! This bed faces to the white wall which has LCD TV stick on it. It also has white bedside tables on the each side of the bed. Look how impressive this bedroom.

Countertop feat Stove Feat Black and White Chairs which Completed the Decor

This bungalow also has great facilities that perfect for you. In the bathroom you can see luxurious round Jacuzzi which is perfect for your relaxation. This bathroom also has yellow lights which create elegant style. Not only the Jacuzzi, but this bungalow also has adorable swimming pool. The pool is added in front of the house. It also straightly faces to the beach. Imagine how marvelous this design! You can swim and enjoy the beach at the same time. So, do you like these beach bungalow design plans with white bed sheets for your private place?

Cream Color that Fresh Water Make Cozy the Decor

Cream Loungers in Swimming Pool Area that Showing Good Panoramas

Dining Chairs feat White Table Under Pendant Lamps that White Wall Framed Make Nice the Room

Glass Wall Showing Outside View by Sea and Mountain Also

Glass Windows that Loungers in Swimming Pool Area

Wooden Deck Completed the Exterior Decor

Glass Wall that Showing Outside View by Sea and Muntain Also

White Storage that Woodne Floor Beside Glass Wardrobes

White Leather Headboard feat Yellows and Nice Pillows Beside Stand Lamp Decor

Sofas Facing Glass Table that Fur Rug Completed the Room

Violet and Cream Framed Showing Lmap and Black Storage Decoration

Shades feat Cream Pillows that Screen Glass Showing Nice Sea and Mountain Also

Screen Glass that Showign Outside View by Planters

Room with Whiet and Black Coffe Table that Screen Glass Showing Outside View

Grey Pollows that Led Tv Beside Glass Windows that Add Nice the Room

Blue Water feat Screen Glass and Wooden Deck Make Perfect the Area

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