White Interior Wrapped Contemporary Apartment in Sweden

Comes with a Nordic theme, this apartment is fully covered with white interior as its wall skin. This apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It has a calm environment with the great cityscape view. The white accent on this apartment brings its elegance on a fresh and clarity design. It has a beautiful appearance with the modern furniture on there. The combination between the black line and white wall paint make this house in such a clear appearance. Let’s peek inside this apartment.

Awesome Open Floor Plan Used inside Nordic Apartment with Small White Dining Room and Cozy Living Room

As you can see, the white interior design is dominant on this house. The living room has its wide-open plans with the bright interior color. It has a nice flat black frame on some decoration. This design will become good combination on the room. The white furniture is also used in this room. Look at the cozy sofa with soft white leather design. The rug is also in gray semi-white color. This is a perfect color that will gain the clarity on the room. The kitchen is located next to the living room. It’s attached with the wall. This is a minimalist design that will make the space on this apartment still in large design.

The rounded table on the dining room also has a white color. You will always get a clear view with the roomy nuance on this apartment. The dark brown wooden floor on this apartment makes a good balance on this room. Well, if you move to the bathroom, you can even see the white tiles covering its wall. The white color has its benefit to match with almost any other color.

Beautiful Flowers Beautifying the Nordic Apartment Dining Room with some White Chairs and Round White Table

Well, this apartment is really good for the young people. Some energetic nuance with its bright color will always bring a new spirit every day. It also has a roomy illusion from its white color. This apartment can be a good white interior design trend for the current interior style.

Bright Lamps Decorating the Nordic Apartment Bedroom with White Bed and Grey Quilt Located on Hardwood Floor

Comfortable White Sofa and US Flag Throw Pillows Located in Nordic Apartment Living Room with White Table

Fabulous White Drawers and White Cabinets Completing the Nordic Apartment with the Small White Dining Room

Fascinating White Cabinets Placed in the Nordic Apartment Kitchen with White Counter and the Grey Backsplash

Gorgeous White Flowers Decorating Nordic Apartment Living Room with White Sofa and White Table Placed under White Lamp

Interesting Entry Alleyway Completed with White Shelf and Grey Wall above Wooden Floor inside Nordic Apartment

Simple Office Space Located inside Nordic Apartment with Glossy Stool and Dark Floating Desk facing Glass Windows

Small Nordic Apartment Bathroom Completed with White Sink and Clear Mirror on the White Tile Wall

Wonderful Flowery Grey Backsplash Used in the Nordic Apartment Kitchen with White Drawers and White Cabinets

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