White Sofa Set for Exquisite Apartment Design Ideas

Take a look at this apartment design with white sofa set in Chisinau, Maldova by the Grosu Art Studio. The first picture here shows you literally all of the main parts of the apartment. It is almost dominated in white, but some other colorful looks are exuded by some items around the house. In a blink of an eye, you’ll know that this apartment has a quite large enough space to be lived. But, as the other apartments, the living room and the dining room are merged in one site.

Contemporary Living Room White Sofa and Glass Table

The second picture takes you closer to the living room. The living room here has a long white sofa set with blue cushions that stand together on a white carpet. That white carpet itself is lying perfectly on the wooden floor that you can find from corner to corner of the house. White ceiling and walls around the apartment make this dwelling looks brighter and wider even more. From another point of view in the third picture, the apartment design ideas look a little bit different. You will be dazzled by the installation of the spacious glass windows next to the white dining room there. You can see also some unique lighting on the ceiling help the enlightening system.

The next picture presents you a different corner of the white apartment. This one is taken from the kitchen near the dining room. The kitchen has a unique lamp on the ceiling that was done in a curvy and artistic design in white color. And to complete the beauty of the white lamp, a white kitchen is provided too there. Talking about the dining room, now let’s see it clearer in the next image. The dining room has a generous dining table in white tone that been surrounded by 8 white dining chairs with arms. Similar lighting with an asymmetric design is floating above the table to help the windows enlightens the area.

Contemporary Modern Living Area Wide Screen TV on the White Dresser

Last one, we will visit the contemporary bedroom. There is no usual bed with square or rectangular shape, but one with rounded appearance. White ceiling and walls are still easy to be found here, and to balance the white looks, the rounded bed itself is done in white. A full spacious window that made from glass is available on the farthest wall of the bedroom. Get the apartment interior design ideas in some pictures of white sofa set provided for any better references for you.

Fancy Bedroom a Blue Bedstead and Painting attach on the Wall

Fancy Bedroom Decoration with a Light Blue Bedtead on the Wooden Floor

Large Bedroom Decoration a Bedstead and a White Dresser at the Room Corner

Large Living Room White Sofa attached by Black Sofabed

Modern Bedroom Furniture Incluidng Purple Bedstead and Television on the Dresser

Modern Incluidng Wide Screen TV on the White Dresser attach on the White Wall

Modern Kitchen White Desk and Black Baestools on the Wooden Floor

White Table and Arm Chairs in the Modern Dining Space

White Sofa and Black Sofabed with a Painting on the Wall

White Colored Bedroom Wall a Round Shape Bedstead

Ultra Modern Spacious Living Room Sofa and Grand Standing Floor Lamp

Ultra Modern Living Room White Sofa on Grey Furry Carpet on the Floor

Ultra Modern Kitchen Sets White Dining Table and Metallic Barstools

Ultra Modern Bedroom White Sofabed and Grey Carpet on the Floor

Sofabed in Bedroom nearby the Windows

Modern Living Room in Chisinau White Sofa on the Wooden Floor

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