Why You Should Have One of These Breathtaking Hues for Your Hardwood Floors

Modern – mostly contemporary – houses still appreciate hardwood floors. Though unlike conservative wooden floors, modern hardwood floors are much more beautiful in terms of fashion; hence decorative value. There are fresh, exquisite and bold hues of hardwood floors you can pick to compare with the other decorative appeal of your room.

black chesterfield sofa plus white coffee table aside arch lamp combine with hardwood floor color for home office design

One of the reasons why you cannot ignore hardwood materials is because of the rich lively mark adorning the entire surface. It does not create any pattern, which enhances its entertaining value. You do not have to buy double sets of hardwood materials in different colors to combine to make your room less boring.

The rest of the reasons should be these mesmerizing colors you never knew they exist. Natural colored hardwood will be pale golden. It makes a great wrap for a comfortable greenery room. Preferably the one is in a rather conservative decoration, with very little hint of classiness; shabby contemporary living room featuring a rustic brick fireplace in the background, for instances. Darker colored hardwood makes better appearance in more modern houses. I have seen jatoba, cabreuva, walnut and tiger wood brings calmness into the rooms, even when the room is nearly empty (i.e. modern Zen styled room). Jatoba wood has less golden hue and more pale brown color – it also has less vibrant but tidy wood pattern, giving the modern look straight away.

classic living space decorative with hardwood floor color combine with ancient sofa and rustic coffee table

Cabreuva wood has a little more pattern and slightly darker color from jatoba wood. I saw it works well with a posh modern kitchen and dining room open plan. Tiger wood, just like the fur of tigers’, has rich and vibrant wood pattern and has stronger golden hues in the color. It mixes well with the luxury decoration of the room. Walnut may have the darkest shade of hardwood materials. Nevertheless, it clicks beautifully with the peaceful feeling a modern Zen styled room has. Even a room as simple as homey modern room looks dauntlessly attractive with shiny red hardwood floor. The red shade of the wood amiably boosts the warm feeling every room with wooden floor emits.

classic kitchen island paired with shiny hardwood floor color combine with cabinet cooking table

hardwood floor color for kitchen area equipped with dining table stools plus fireplace

padded sofa plus cushions in living space combine with classic kitchen area model fitted hardwood floor color

relaxing room designed with hardwood floor color equipped with black bolster and aromatherapy candle

rustic table plus kitchen stools close cooking table under stainless steel hood designed with hardwood floor color

shiny red hardwood floor color in kitchen area equipped with cart cabinet and electric stove

upholstered dining chair plus glass table filled on open kitchen area designed with hardwood floor color

vintage dining table plus cutlery set paired with upholstered chair on hardwood floor color

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