Wine Cork Projects to Decorate Your House with Creative Art

If you like producing some creative project out of reusable items, this wine cork projects will give you some ideas. You will be surprised of how the corks can be so versatile. There are many items you can make out of them, and if you have tried some, you can develop your creativity to produce something more complicated. As a start, you can begin with some simple projects.

Fabulous Design of Wedding Card Used Cork as Holder to Save Budged of Party Decoration without Leave Its Function

The wine cork ideas only require simple tools and it’s easy to apply. The first project is to make cork stamps. All you need is several corks and a cutter. You have to make certain shape in the center of the cork, like heart, flower, or duck. Remove the excess. Then you’re ready to dip your design into ink. The kids will enjoy your stamp. To make a card or photo holders, you can simply cut the cork in horizontal or vertical way, then insert your card or photo in it.

For your dining table, you can create a cork trivet. All you need to do is to glue lots of corks together. Make some shape that you like, either a simple rectangle or circle. Once the glue is dry, you can use it as the base of your hot casserole after you cook something. You can also create coasters by cutting the corks into half. Glue them together to make circle shape. Remove the excess, and sand down the edges.

Small Planter Adhered on Black Wall Made from Cork for Vertical Gardening Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor

Another interesting idea is to make magnetic cork planters. You just need to make a hole in the center of the cork. Fill it with soil, and put a tiny little plant in it. Glue a magnet on to it, and it’s ready to go. The wine cork ideas projects are fun to do with your kids too, since they’re easy to make.

Adorable Design of Cork Pencil Holder Rounded Shape with Usually Placed on Table for Office at Home or Other

Appealing Design Cork Board for Memo Board Round Shape with Colorful Decor at Entry Applied Grey Painted Wall

Awesome Design of Cork Coffee Table and Magazine Rack with Triple Legs Painted White on Wood Floor

Beautiful Round Cork Bil Design on White Bookcase Contained Full of Books add with Bust and Framed Picture

Black Dresser with Cork Storage Drawers in Bedroom Decorated with Small Dools and Wooden Table Lamp

Brilliant Design of Wine Cork Bath Mat on Modern Bathroom with Small Planter and Candle also White Shower Curtain

Creative Wine Cork Backsplash Design Ideas for Traditional Kitchen with Granite Countertop and Wooden Cabinet

Exciting Corkwine Coaster Design Ideas Round Shape Lied on Burlap Table Runner for Indoor or Outdoor Usage

Fascinating Wine Cork Key Holder Design Ideas with Metal Rig Shown Its Classic Style and Simple also Small Design

Gorgeous Cork Flowers Vase Design Ideas for Fireplace Mantel Decoration Add with Framed Wall Painting

Innovative Design of Wine Cork Used as Label Occasion with Metal Ring Shown Place and Date of Occasion

Large Cork Wine as Stools for Teens Birthday Party Decorated with Balloons and Wine with Its Glasses

Remarkable Appo Design By Carlo Trevisani for Elegant Dining Table Decoration Displayed Grapes on Wood Tray Above Wine

Stunning Cork Mouse Pad Design Ideas Placed on Wood Office Desk Beside the Wireless Keyboard in Front of Monitor

Stunning Cork Pendant Lamp Design with Blue and White Band and White Rope Hanger for Kitchen Above Island

Wonderful Wall Cork Design with Some Newspaper Decoraion in Entry with Framed Glass Door Applied Wood Floor

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