Wonderful Beach House Idea for Relaxing Vacation

People go on vacation to relieve stress and try to relax their nerves for a while. In this case, some will choose to go to mountain area or hiking, or people can choose to go to the beach. For the latter option, beach house is needed for sure. This house looks promising with its dominant materials of stones, woods, and as well glass. Moreover, this place takes on several levels, all in different styles and designs.

Unique Veronica Beach House Exterior Architecture Design with Unusual Shapd Infinity Swiming Pool as Main Outdoor Feature

Related to this situation, let’s take a look at this beach house design in further explanation. It has walls in exterior area made of stones, which are painted in several colors, such as sandy brown and clean white. This building looks like one people see in western movies telling stories about cowboy. There are some seating arrangements though in outdoor setting. Dining set consists of glass table with canes chairs, whereas curvy lounge chair in white cushion is also added aside from canes sofas.

Let’s go to interior design inside. It has flooring surface of gray tiles and there are some pillars made from gray granite stone for more strong characters shown. Rooms upstairs are uniquely built with sandy brown stone staircase connecting in between. In upper level, lots of large sized windows are installed to show beach scenery outside. Here, people can add granite table and soft sofas, along with colorful themes of throw pillows.

Fascinating View of Night City with Glamorus Lightiing Seen from Open Lounge Area of Veronica Beach House Infinity Pool Side

Unique style is also set in bedroom. Choosing beach house design in this place is seen from white eclectic theme for walls and ceiling surfaces. Meanwhile, grey tiles are used for flooring surface. Floating bedroom is created to make exceptional look. White linen bed sheet is covered to mattress along with white pillows. Last but not least, sparkling turquoise water is filled to long swimming pool. Recessed bright lights are placed under water to show dazzling effect.

Elegant Appearance of Upper Floor Right After You Going Upstair with Nice Open Setting of Veronica Beach House Interior Decor

Appealing Staircase Concept with no Side Fence to Keep The Veronica Beach House Interior Spacious and Open

Fabulous Sunset View with Bright Blue Infinity Outdoor Swimming Pool Concept as Ornament of Veronica Beach House Lounge Area

Incredible Curving Line Detail of Veronica Beach House Roof Top to Decorate the Top Home Entrance Door

Innovative Wall Detail Creation Engraved Over the Veronica Beach House Staircase Side Wall to Enhance the Residence Interior

Inspirational Veronica Beach House Staircase Design Concept with Natural Stone Wall Plan to Enhance the House Interior View

Inviting Veronica Beach House Staircase Design with Wall Details and Stylish Alley Interior Concept to Amaze Us

Memorable Scenic Ocean View Seen from Inside of Veronica Beach House Upper Floor as Main Feature of the House

Minimalist Corner Part of Veronica Beach House Swimming Pool Side with Incredible Infinity Pool Appearance as Main Scenery

Relaxing Natural Scenery of Curved Rock Covering Whole Surface of Veronica Beach House Staircase Wall Side

Space Saving Veronica Beach House Master Bedroom with Floating Platform Bed Setting and Open Floor Plan Idea Signed by Glass Windows

Spacious Veronica Beach House Interior Decor Idea for Living Room and Kitchen Area with Genius Idea of Rounded Ceiling Design

Tight yet Neat Veronica Beach House Upper Floor Alley with Luxuurious Side Fence Installed on Both Sides of It

Unique Veronica Beach House Swimming Pool Side Appearance Seen by Night with Incredible Patio Setting on the Corner

Wonderful Rounded Ceiling Shape Idea with Bg Hole on the Center to Display Upper Floor Seen from the Ground Floor of Veronica Beach House

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