Wooden Building Set in Spectacular Maldives Resort

When we are looking at the resort design located in Maldives island, we will get it constructed based on wooden building set. Yeah, the architect really had a big deal with the design and also details of the resort. We usually call the resort as W Retreat and Spa. This is an astonishing resort furnishing ideas in spectacular Fesdu Island of Maldives. Based on the situation, this article deals with the information about the facility and also architecture design offered in this coastal resort.

Air Plane Drop Off Showing Nice Sea and Wooden Deck Also

Here are some pictures that are following. The wooden building setthat is included in this article are related to the structure. We have the first picture in wonderful lounge space. It consists of a traditional cottage with straws and wood structure. This cottage faces to the opened swimming pool. If we look at the interior design, the wood is existed on the false ceiling design for the dome roof. The furniture itself includes white sofas with dark brown pillows and also futuristic table. Yeah, seen from the distances, this resort resembles the tree branch made of wood in great styles.

Let’s check the other design. In one of the cottage design, the structure includes dome false wooden ceiling with straws roof. The shape is round and they apply simple chair and round table as furniture. It looks interesting. There is also open plan cottage with greenery outside included white sofa on wooden bench facing to three rattan round tables. Obtaining the spectacular ocean views from the balcony will be the best view. It comes with wooden balcony including white bed sofa and blue and white pillows.

Amazing Ocean View that Make Clam Our Mind

Related to the situation of this resort, what do you think on it? We have some other ideas based on the pictures that are provided in this article. They will really lead our life very well. The wooden building set can be a real place to visit.

Fresh Water which Giving Nice the W Retreat and Decor

Interior and Exterior Area that Chairs and Off Plane Completed Each Other Area

Large Area that River Make Nice the Viewer

Layout Facing Glass Pool Add Fun the W Retreat and Decor

Lounge in W Retreat and that Make Cozy the Area

Night Showing Fire Place which Giving Hot the Exterior Area

Sea and Wooden Deck Connection the Other Area

Showing Bright Decoration and Giving Coxy the Serving

W Retreat and Decor that Make Romantics the Area

W Retreat and that Lounge with White Pillows feat Curtain Also

W Retreat and that Wooden Deck Accompany the White Lounger

White and Green Pillows in W Retreat and to Relaxing Our Mind

White Lounger Facing Bamboo Coffe Table at the W Retreat and Spa in Maldives

Wooden Deck and Lamps which Giving Light the W Retreat and Exterior Area

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