Wooden Curtain Rods for Your Curtain Stylish Looks

For a room with some windows on it, a curtain is compulsory. Despite of its function to protect the room from the direct sunlight from the sun that comes in through the windows, it also able to add the stylish looks of the window where it is mounted. Wooden curtain rod is another idea which you may applied for your curtain. You can see the idea of applying a wooden curtain rod within these pictures.

funky round side table plus contemporary wooden curtain rod idea feat armless chairs design and red area rug

A wooden curtain rod has some advantages, one of them is it is can be easily applied and also easily used. Some types are also available which can be proper to be applied for your room. For an instance, in the first picture there is a wooden curtain rod with an L shape because it is applied from the right side wall to the left side wall. This L-shaped curtain rod is covered with a black tone. It has a contrast tone with the curtains and also the wall which have the white color.

The contrast tone of the wooden curtain rod creates a strong character which asserts it is a separated elements from the wall which also gives a good looks for the wall. Another color of a wooden curtain rod is in the third picture. It applies a silver curtain rod which is also mounted on the wall. Combined with a purple curtain, it creates a luxury looks for the entire room.

great indoor greenery decorating idea plus flagstone floor feat beautiful wooden curtain rod design

Using a material which come from the mother nature can also gives the room a nature impression. So does what is given by a wooden curtain rod. To add a nature impression of a wooden curtain rod, the fifth picture gives a green color for the rod. The green curtain rod is accompanied by green curtain which give more nature impression for the room.

amazing hardwood floor feat diy flower vase decoration and stylish wooden curtain rod design

bedroom featured great wooden curtain rod idea plus black chest of drawer and lovely accent pillows

chic beige wall color feat laminate floor design and modern wooden curtain rod idea picture gallery

dining room present vintage chandelier and upholstered beige chairs feat creative wooden curtain rod plus cool round table design

fabulous wooden curtain rod and black living room console table idea feat beautiful board and batten

small living room filled unique coffee table also creative wooden curtain rod and white couches

stylish living room side table and black lamp shade idea feat awesome wooden curtain rod plus large shag rug

trendy wooden curtain rod design plus framed wall art decoration and unique table lamp idea

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