Wooden House Concept in Interior and Exterior Designs

The performance of the wooden house concept gives special atmosphere. Here, we will give you an example of the home with oak material. This home has oak interior and exterior designs. This is the answer of the question how the oak home will be. We will give the pictures of the home appearance in oak through inside home and outside home pictures.

Wood Living Room with Imposing Wooden Touch for Architectural Lines and Ceiling Featured with Modern Stylish Seating Units and Tables

See these pictures here to know about final wooden house concept. There is a home with oak wall. It is old oak because the color seems dark. On the wall, you can see the glass windows. Some of them are big glass transparent windows which give free space for you to enjoy outside view. These are black window frame. This home is designed in stone foundation, so the home seems so strong. The yellow shine of inside home makes this home seems warm in the winter season.

See the interior designs in the rooms then. You can see the open room which is used for dining room, living room and kitchen. The living room is designed with brown velvet sofas. The small leather printed chair appears between the sofas. In front of them is the modern coffee table with the cafe chairs. Under the table is the leather printed carpet. Next to them is the dining room. There are long wooden chairs with long table. Above the table are flowers and black candle holders. Then, the kitchen is applied in the corner of the room. Those furniture designs are standing above the black oak flooring.

Appealing Modern Living and Entertaining Spaces in Open Style Design with Eye Catching Cow Skin Carpet Added to Work with Elegant Seating

Then, there is bedroom with fresh atmosphere. The bed stands near the big window. Next to the bed is the table and floor lamp. They are modern interior designs. In front of the bed is the soft white carpet with the white chair and bag. In the outside, there is deck with lake view. This bedroom uses wooden ceiling. These final wooden house concept design pictures are coming from some architects like Lonny and Carney Logan Burke Architects.

Great Duplex House Exterior Design with Bold Accent for Wood and Concrete Walling Featured with Wide Windows in Rectangular Shape Design

Alluring Dining Room in White Wall and Ceiling Painting Completed with Wood and Black Accents for Furnishing and Lighting above

Amazing Rustic Style Living Room with Jagged Stonw Wal with Fireplace and Wooden Ceiling with Exposed Beams Furnished with Modern Black and Whitre Furniture

Artistic Bedroom Interior Design with Unique Decorative Chandelier Combined with Plenty of Frameless Artworks on Floor and Wall

Captivating Modern Kitchen with Rustic Rendering of Dark Wood Ceiling with Beams and Lighting Completed with Sleek Grey Cabinet and Island

Fascinating Bedroom in Combination of Plaster Concrete and Wood Touches Completed with White Bed with Wide Floor to Ceiling Window beside

Impressive Accent Wood for Exposed Beams and Window Casing Added for Warm Bedroom with Stunning Decor in Natural Theme

Inspiring Modern Kitchen with Exposed Brick Wall to Combine with Wooden Flooring and Ceiling Furnished with L Shaped White Cabinet

Modern Rustic Bedroom with Jagged Stone Walling and Striped Wooden Ceiling with Beams Featured with White Bed and Black Lazy Chair

Refreshing Bedroom Design with Imposing White to Combine with Wood and Modern Bed Facing toward Freshness Greens outside

Rustic Rendering for Modern Living Room Equipped with Exposed Brick Walling in White and Wooden Beams on White Ceiling

Stunning White and Wood Living Room Featured with Glass Wall and Modern Grey and White Seating Representing Minimalism in Modernity

Stylish Dining Space Featured with Wooden Table Completed with Freshness Green and Stylish Chairs with Cow Skin Upholstery

Unpredictable Modenr Kitchen with Sleek Furniture Set Decorated with Rustic Touch with Stacked Stone Walling and Freshness Green and Fruits

Warm House Exterior Design with Dominating Wood Touches for Wall to Combine with Stone at Bottom Part

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